What is popbliss?

Couples value unique and luxurious experiences that align with their core values over lavish price-tags, #PopBliss offers the solution so you can have your cake and travel the world too.

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Why PopBliss?

This is a glamorous and luxurious alternative to eloping curated by national renowned wedding extraordinaire Racquel Kristi.

Why PopBliss?

A maximum of 10 totally unconventional, ridiculously cool and radically different couples will embark on the newest wedding trend, a Luxury group pop-up wedding taking place at a secret location in a chosen city each year.

Why PopBliss?

What is the popBliss experience?

  • A destination wedding, that will bring multiple couples and their friends and families from around the world for a 4 day, multiple event celebration of love draped in the glamour.
  • Couples will enjoy the lavishness of a luxury style joint wedding celebration with their very own bridal brunch, welcome party and live-streamed wedding plus much more.
  • PopBliss! Wedding takes the concept of popup weddings and joint weddings to another level with the value of the experience promised to be valued at over $100K.
  • From guest celebrities to the most sought after venues/locations in the country.

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