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Name: Racquel Krist

Title : Founder and Executive Producer of PopBlis 

Tell us about your background.

I am a first generation American born to Jamaican parents and was raised in New York. I was born in Flatbush Brooklyn, younger years in Queens Village, Queens but most of my years were in Uniondale, Long Island. I have a big, loving, passionate, outspoken family that is a part of my daily life and still is, so family and relationships naturally became a major part of my identity. My siblings and cousins are my best friends and my aunts and uncles are basically second parents to me. My mom has always been the natural creative who desired stability and my father has always been the business minded dreamer. I absorbed a lot from being around them and it influenced the direction I took in my career by mixing the both parts plus adding alittle of my own "curry" to the mix.

I attended Howard University with the mindset of becoming an entertainment attorney but quickly switched to wanting to become a catering hall owner after experiencing my Sweet 16 party my mother threw for me. I loved the art of celebration and wanted to be a part of that industry. I later realized that to reach this ideal I would first venture into the event planning and special event industry which turned into a rollercoaster ride I did not expect. Many learning lessons, setbacks and rewarding moments. One party changed the course of my life and it is beautiful.

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Incline Magazine

Entrepreneurs Roundup of The Top 10 Women Making a Change for Women's Month

At Incline Magazine is we aim to embody the entrepreneur by providing opportunities for their voice to be heard. Incline is here to bring what's new in the form of a multicultural marketing and advertising outlet that exposes entrepreneurs, entertainment and originality accompanied by strong journalistic coverage. International women's month purpose is to celebrate women, and we especially celebrate the women that are creating businesses, creating movements, changing society norms! Below is a special group of women that I feel deserved some light to shine on them! Here is my entrepreneur round up:

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Pop-Up Weddings: The New Way to Tie The Knot

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Is this destination Wedding idea the coolest or the Craziest thing ever?

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On a Budget? The best and most affordable Elopement Packages

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5 Ways Millennials Are Doing Weddings Differently


If you've been to a wedding in the past year or two, you've probably noticed something a little different about each occasion – and for good reason. As Millennials grow up and start tying the knot, the things that we as a generation care about are showing up in our nuptial celebrations. 

Cookie cutter, pre-packaged weddings are quickly becoming a thing of the past; Millennials are instead creating something one-of-a-kind, something that's totally sharable on social media (what's your wedding Snapchat filter?) and something that actually stays pretty budget-friendly. And the wedding planning industry is paying attention. Enter PopBliss!, a non-traditional wedding planning company dedicated to hosting — get this — a luxury pop-up wedding experience taking place in New York City March 30 and 31st. 

Sounds totally epic, right? That's the point. With all of the details taken care of, from a bridal brunch to a live-streamed ceremony to customized leather jackets for the happy couple (so Kim and Kanye), the goal is way more #BreaktheInternet than happily ever after. We talked to Racquel Kristi, wedding expert and the founder of PopBliss!, about some of the ways that millennials are doing weddings differently and, needless to say, inspiration abounds. 

Here's the exclusive scoop on why a unique experience is more important than ever and other trends for millennials looking to tie the knot in 2016.

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Couple set to Wed in Pop-Up Wedding as Trend Catches on

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PopBliss host luxury pop-up Group Marriage event in New York City

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Is This the New Millennial Alternative to Eloping?

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