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PopBliss FAQ

Where is the venue?
Do we need marriage license to participate?
Where can we get the marriage license?
Are same-sex marriages welcome?
Is this event open to residents outside of the host state or city?
I’m not getting married, but can I come to the event and watch?
I am a professional in the industry and want to attend.
Do we need to bring guests to be our witnesses?
How many guests can we have?
How can our family who are not attending be a part of our day?
Are children allowed to attend the event?
Are food and drinks provided for our guests too?
Are we getting married at the same time as all the other couples?
Are we able to personalize our wedding day?
Can I alter the package? I’d like to bring my own….
How do we sign-up?
If I pay my application fee, does that mean I am selected for PopBliss?
Is my application fee refundable if I am not selected?
If I submit multiple applications, does that give me a better chance of being selected?
Can I have my very own private PopBliss wedding?
Will pictures and videos of me be on social media?

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